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Working & Driving: Can I Still Foster?

Working and Fostering

Here at Fostering Relations, we take into consideration various factors when assessing a prospective foster carer when it comes to working and fostering.

It is important that there is a primary carer at home in order to be available for the many responsibilities that come with fostering children. This is not only in terms of face-to-face work with the child, but the myriad of other demands that fostering brings, such as regular training sessions, contact meetings, school meetings and court hearings.

For this reason, we initially ask for single foster carers to be home based and at least one adult home full-time if fostering as a couple.

Over time, if a placement is settled and the primary carer asks to pick up work, we would generally agree with a proviso that if the carer needs to be at home or at a meeting, their employer has to be ok with this. This ultimately comes down to an agreement of flexibility with working hours.

With single carers, we also take into consideration their skills and experience with fostering, as well as their approach to the fostering job when determining their eligibility for becoming a foster carer with a job.

Driving and Fostering

We do not hold any requirement for people to have to have a driving license to become a foster carer.

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