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Fostering Assessment

Fostering Assessment

The fostering assessment process for carers of Fostering Relations entails a home study over a period of time where a qualified social worker will explore with applicants their ability to undertake the role, what the expectations are of the agency and of course what carers can expect in return.

Statutory checks that include Disclosure Scotland (Protection of Vulnerable Groups), Health and local authority references are requested as are personal and employers references. The National Care Standards advise that the assessment process should be completed within a six month period unless there are mitigating circumstances.


During this time applicants will be expected to attend a 3 day training course to prepare for the tasks of foster care. These will be arranged at a time and location that will attempt to accommodate the needs of applicants. The groups are made up of people who are considering fostering or who may have begun the assessment process. Staff members, current foster carers and possibly some young people being cared for will be present at certain times. The content of the sessions will further explore expectations of foster carers so that people are as informed as possible before committing to the role. Additionally and equally importantly, applicants are expected to complete 3 online training modules that will assist in raising awareness whilst also evidencing ability and willingness to learn. (A series of online training modules are available to approved foster carers to build on their knowledge and experience.)

Foster Panel

Finally applicants will be presented to a Fostering Panel of experienced and qualified people who will consider the social worker’s fostering assessment and make a recommendation in respect of appointment, to the agency decision maker.


The fostering assessment process is in depth. It is our ultimate responsibility to ensure as far as possible that children entrusted to our care are placed with safe and trustworthy adults. We also have a responsibility to ensure that carers are fully appraised of the tasks of fostering and are agreed that this is the right job for them. If at any time we feel that fostering may not be the right path for you, we will be honest in our explanation to you as to why. Likewise we will appreciate your honesty should you decide not to proceed at any time during the assessment process. It is important to realise that fostering children is not for everybody. It is also not a right. However, for those who can evidence their actual or potential ability to appropriately look after someone else’s child, it must surely be the most rewarding of careers.

What you will need:

Fostering Relations have the following criteria for people who wish to become carers:

  • You (as a single person) or you and your partner/ spouse should be over twenty five at the time of applying
  • You and your spouse/ partner should have been living together for at least 2 years
  • You should have a spare room that is big enough to comfortably accommodate a child and allows some play space
  • One of you if a couple should not be working out-with the home. (part time hours may be considered, depending on the flexibility of this)
  • You are committed to developing skills through the training provided by the agency and accept that this is an integral part of being a foster carer
  • You are able to work as part of a team to achieve the care plan for the child
  • You have commitment, stickability, flexibility and a sense of humour!