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Meet the Team

We are committed to children and young people who have experienced abuse, disruption and trauma in their lives. We also aim to provide the best service to our carers through support and training and to value the enormous contribution they make to the lives of children who cannot live with their own family.

About Us

Fostering Relations is a small independent fostering agency covering Central Scotland. We are designed to meet a wide range of children’s needs including complex behavioural issues and provide our carers with the support and training required to deal with these.


Fostering Relations wholly supports the view that foster carers deserve recognition for the immensely positive contribution they can make to the lives of children and young people who may have been hurt or traumatised by previous experiences.

We build relationships with our carers, with local authorities and with our children and young people. We have working connections with service providers such as psychologists, psychiatrists, play and art therapists and education workers to ensure that what is needed to assist or enhance a child’s opportunities or a carer’s work can be accessed within a reasonable timescale.

Fostering Relations is totally committed to a partnership approach where skills and experience can be shared and we believe that this can only strengthen the care experience for children and young people placed with us. They have the right to expect that we will do our utmost to ensure this.

Our Team

Bryan Ritchie – Registered Manager

Lynne McGarry – Team-Manager

Kerry Wemyss – Supervising Social Worker

Kelly Morris – Supervising Social Worker

Naomi Majorbanks – Supervising Social Worker

Roberta Shields – Education Support Worker

Lyndsay Johnston – Carer Recruitment Officer

Lindsay Wallace – Admin Assistant

Carol Patterson – Admin Assistant

Elizabeth Farnham – Admin Assistant

Rusty – The Team Mascot